Announcing support for ANAFI and ANAFI Thermal drones in DroneSense

We are very excited to announce that through a new partnership with Parrot, we will be adding support for ANAFI and ANAFI Thermal drones in an upcoming release of the DroneSense Platform.

Parrot’s ANAFI and ANAFI Thermal drones provide powerful features and an extraordinary value for public safety UAS operators. The ANAFI line offers operators excellent camera capabilities, a wide operational envelope, and some world-class security options, all in a highly portable form factor. Through this integration, our customers will be able to use the full suite of DroneSense capabilities – flight control, automated flight logs, live video streaming, and more – with ANAFI drones just like they do with the rest of their fleet.

DroneSense is committed to bringing all of your UAS technology together in one unified experience. There’s no single drone, tablet, or sensor that’s going to be the best tool for every public safety mission and it is our mission to make it easy for our customers to use whatever tools they need for a successful operation.

Stay tuned for more updates to the DroneSense Platform in the coming weeks, and check out the full press release on our partnership with Parrot here.