Announcing Support for the Autel EVO Series in DroneSense

Autel EVO Flight Logging

We are pleased to announce that we have added support for the entire Autel EVO Series – EVO, EVO II, EVO II Pro, and EVO II Dual – in the DroneSense Platform. This integration offers customers the full suite of DroneSense capabilities – flight control, automated flight logs, live video streaming, and more – when they fly the exciting EVO line of aircraft.

The DroneSense Mobile flight control applications provides a consistent interface across all drone models and manufacturers we support. DroneSense customers looking to add an Autel EVO II Dual to their existing fleet will benefit from needing very little additional training to learn how to successfully operate their new drone.

Live video streaming and scene management via Operations Hub and hardware management on the administrative side will look similarly familiar for DroneSense users adding EVOs to their fleet. The Autel EVO aircraft responds just like any other drone in the DroneSense Platform and integrates seamlessly into users’ existing workflows.

Autel EVO Live Streaming

There has been tremendous enthusiasm from our customer base about the capabilities of the Autel EVO Series, particularly the EVO II Dual. From its impressive thermal payload, to its lack of geofencing, to its ease of operation, the EVO II Dual is clearly a UAV that’s designed with the needs of public safety in mind, which makes it an obvious addition for our growing list of supported hardware.

To learn more about the Autel EVO Series and see how these drones work with DroneSense live, join us for a special demo webinar this Thursday at 1PM CST. In this webinar, we will provide an in-depth demo of the DroneSense Platform, using a demo fleet consisting entirely of Autel EVO aircraft. We’re excited to have John Kuch, a retired Detective from Fairfax County Police Department, joining us to share his experiences with the new Autel EVO II Dual and answer questions about this highly capable aircraft. Register here:

For more information on our new partnership with Autel, check out the full press release here.