Schedule for Revamped Basic Training Working Group

The DroneSense Customer Success Team will begin a revamped Basic Training Working Group that will give users an ability to buildup their understanding of the platform functionality. There is a lot to learn for both new and more experienced users including some tips and new features along the way.  Through the working group sessions, teams members will be able to improve their piloting, collaboration, and management skills and participate in some lively discussions. Below will be a permanent link to the live webinars and we’ll update this page with the latest recordings hosted on our YouTube Webinar playlist.

Working Group Topics:
Week 1: Using Feature Layers (Wednesday November 10th at 1pm EST)
Learn how to set up and share map layers in missions and across your organization.
Week 2: Training Portal Basics
Track pilot proficiency, certification currency, and build a robust training program for your organization.
Week 3: Interoperability 101 (shared missions, collaboration)
This session with go into detail on all the different options for mutual aid in DroneSense.
Week 4: Maintenance Portal Basics
Monitor and manage your organization’s fleet and equipment using our built-in maintenance tracking tools.
Week 5: Notifications & Magic Link Sharing
Learn how to keep team members and other key stakeholders connected with email and text notifications.
Week 6: Flight Planning Basics
This session will go into more detail on how to build automated flight plans and share them within your organization.
Week 7: Mobile App 101
Get a guided tour of the DroneSense Mobile flight control app, with plenty of tips and best practices.
Week 8: MSAT
Learn how to integrate mobile device streaming and tracking into your missions to achieve comprehensive situational awareness.
Week 9: Understanding Teams
This session will go in depth on how Teams and Roles work in DroneSense, and how you can use them to better manage your organization.
Week 10: Support site and customer resources
Learn all about the help and support resources available to you as a DroneSense organization.

****There will be NO WORKING GROUP the week of November 22nd nor the weeks of the 20th and 27th of December due to the holidays.****

Basic Training Working Group
Beginning Wednesday, November 10 · 1:00 – 2:00pm
Google Meet joining info:
Video call link:
Or dial: ‪(US) +1 302-364-6457‬ PIN: ‪701 874 962‬#
More phone numbers: