Customer-Led, Webinars

Customer Hands-On Webinar with Pearland TX Police

Welcome to our first in a series of customer-led discussions, led by Brandon Karr of Pearland, Texas Police Department. In this webinar, Brandon will provide an overview of their UAS program and how they’ve made DroneSense a cornerstone of their operations within their department and in mutual aid scenarios with other outside agencies in DroneSense – including a detailed run-through of a recent multi-agency event in their community.

00:10​ Introduction
01:06​ Pearland PD with Brandon Karr
02:05​ Pearland UAS Program
04:36​ Recent Joint Operations Overview
09:31​ Where DroneSense Fit In
12:48​ Using ESRI Layers
15:14​ Using DroneSense to Drive Program Support
15:55​ Reporting Capabilities
18:08​ Pilot Tracking & Currency
21:49​ Hardware Tracking
23:34​ Resources & Document Management
24:20​ Administration Tools
25:04​ Mutual Aid Setup with Missions
26:36​ Thanks, Closeout, & Next Steps

Special thanks to Brandon Karr and the Pearland TX Police for taking the time to share their experiences about how DroneSense helps with their UAS program!

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