We’re proud to work with public safety drone leaders across the country.

Law Enforcement

For local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, drones are becoming a necessary tool to conduct safer missions with positive outcomes. DroneSense is helping law enforcement agencies successfully use drones to aid with crimes-in-progress, accident and crime scene reconstruction, SWAT operations, large event overwatch, and more.

“DroneSense is more than just a vendor of a software product, they are a partner in our mission essentials with a customer service second to none. DroneSense has demonstrated that their mission is to make all of our missions successful, safe and secure.”

– Captain H. Ray Acors
Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office

Fire Services

The use of drones in fire services is becoming increasingly valuable for preemptive fire prevention, managing a live scene, and for post-fire assessments. DroneSense is helping fire services agencies use drones to aid with pre-fire planning, hot spot detection, post-fire mapping, search and rescue operations, and more.

“DroneSense is more than a platform or an innovative idea. They are a full service company that genuinely understands our needs and actively works by our side to help us complete every milestone. With multiple drones and so many pilots we couldn’t imagine keeping track of all the data on our own. They allow us to focus on our missions without getting distracted.”

– Jay Williams
Brentwood Fire Department

Emergency Management

Whether expanding situational awareness and acting as a force multiplier over a large scene, or helping victims alongside (or ahead of) rescue personnel, drones represent a game changer for multi-agency emergency response teams in a wide array of situations. DroneSense helps emergency management agencies coordinate their drone teams to effectively respond to any number of different emergency scenarios.

“DroneSense has proven to be an invaluable asset in our UAS operations toolbox. From the ease of use of the pilot software to the efficiency of the flight and equipment logs, this product has taken our UAS program to the next level.”

– Jason Ritter
Georgia Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security