DroneSense Support for the Parrot Anafi USA

In this webinar video, we’ll show off how the Parrot Anafi USA integrates into the DroneSense platform, and demonstrate several of the powerful capabilities of this impressive aircraft. We’ll walk you through the core value of the Parrot Anafi USA and demonstrate how it performs in the DroneSense flight control app, on our Operations Hub interface, and how seamlessly it syncs with the DroneSense Web data management interface.

00:09​ Introduction
01:27​ DroneSense Overview
01:58​ Parrot Anafi USA Airframe
03:34​ Parrot Anafi USA Cameras
04:56​ Security Features
06:30​ DroneSense Integration
07:07​ Flight Control Demo
14:29​ Operations Hub Demo
17:16​ DroneSense Web Demo
23:44​ Summary and Closeout

For further questions regarding how the Parrot Anafi USA works with DroneSense, please contact us directly at help@dronesense.com or visit us anytime at https://www.dronesense.com​​.

Thanks for watching. Fly safe!