Feature Layers

In this webinar video, we’re going to give you a sneak peek at the latest and greatest improvements to our feature layer capabilities. We’ll cover the basics of feature layers and how they can be a tremendous tool for your organization – as well as outside organizations you collaborate with. You’ll see how we’re reorganizing these tools to make it easier to create, manage, and share feature layers.

00:09​ Introduction
00:35​ What are Feature Layers?
03:14​ Duplicating, Sending, and Sharing Feature & Layers
04:22​ Sharing Options
05:07​ LIVE DEMO
07:07​ Layer Creation Demo
11:56​ Sending Feature Layers Demo
16:31​ Sharing Feature Layers Demo
22:55​ Summary and Closeout

For further questions regarding feature layers, please contact us directly at help@dronesense.com or visit us anytime at https://www.dronesense.com​​.

Thanks for watching. Fly safe!