Public Safety Drone Platform

Manage your public safety drone program safely and successfully.

Public Safety Focused

DroneSense was purpose-built for the needs of public safety. We bring everything you need to manage your drone program together in one place.

Hardware Agnostic

DroneSense supports a wide variety of drones, tablets, and sensors, so you can use the hardware combination that’s best suited for your mission.

Built for Collaboration

Public safety drone operations don’t happen in a vacuum. DroneSense provides a seamless way for operators to collaborate with partner agencies.

Highly Scalable

Effectively manage drone programs of any size. DroneSense supports small, local agencies with a single aircraft and large departments managing hundreds.

All-in-One Platform

DroneSense brings together everything a public safety drone program needs to be effective in one integrated software platform.

DroneSense Drone Platform for Public Safety

For Pilots

Provide pilots with a standardized flight control experience for all types of drones in your fleet while simultaneously enabling automatic flight logging and remote live streaming.

  • See pertinent telemetry in a clear display
  • Consume, view, and record multiple types of video, including thermal
  • View elevations in AGL, MSL and Height Above Terrain (HAT)
  • Fly each of the drones in your fleet with a consistent flight control interface
  • Adjust radio settings to improve performance in challenging RF environments
Public Safety Drone Platform for Pilots

For Operations

Give incident command complete situational awareness with secure access to live drone videos and telemetry data from pilots on-scene as well as first responders using mobile devices as “boots on the ground” assets.

  • Securely stream high-quality, low-latency video from any device with an internet connection
  • Visualize all drone and mobile device locations and video feeds in real time to maximize scene intelligence
  • Ensure the highest quality video for the current network conditions with intelligent bandwidth optimization
  • Utilize advanced GIS map features like Esri base layers, overlays, and measuring tools from your connected desktop or mobile device
  • Build custom feature layers to create a common operating picture and more effectively communicate key locations with your operating team
  • Coordinate missions with other agencies from within Operations Hub by issuing external collaborators a simple six-digit code
Public Safety Drone Platform for Operations

For Admins

DroneSense is a full system of record for your entire drone program that provides accountability and transparency across your organization. Organize your people, hardware, flight activity, and more in a powerful and intuitive interface.

  • View detailed, automatically recorded flight logs
  • Monitor pilot flight activity and total flight hours
  • Ensure asset readiness with comprehensive hardware management, including aircraft, batteries, and tablets
  • Easily file NOTAMs from within DroneSense
  • Generate data for regulatory compliance and public information requests with a few clicks
  • Organize your program within Teams to control access to information and improve user experience
Public Safety Drone Platform for Admins

I like that DroneSense is not just a streaming service. Those are a dime a dozen. DroneSense provides live situational awareness for your agency and any other agency participating, it provides program managers the ability to monitor and analyze all flights and products being used, and provides reporting for FAA, State, and/or in-house use.

Brandon Karr
Pearland Police Department

Brandon Karr, Pearland PD