Manage Your Program

Give admins a complete system of record for your entire drone program

Understand what’s going on in your drone program at a glance with macro-level data visualizations, and drill into the details when you need to. With DroneSense, easily organize your people, flights, missions, and hardware in this complete system of record.

Automatic Flight Logging

All details of every flight carried out using DroneSense Mobile are automatically logged, including pilots, UAVs, batteries, payloads, historical weather and more.

Hardware Management

Our hardware management system stores each asset, tracks its location, and automatically applies the hours it was used after every flight.

Pilot Activity Tracking

Easily manage the drone pilots in your program. Understand when, where, and which aircraft each of your pilots have been flying, and keep track of their total flight hours.
Lewisville Fire Department

“DroneSense provides us a history of everything we do with our drones. We are able to look back at flight plans for training. As we have been growing the team, this has been a great teaching tool. In addition, DroneSense is tracking all our pilots’ flight times for training as well as equipment inventory.”

– David Kivett Assistant Chief at Lewisville Fire Department

Robust Sorting and Filtering

Use detailed sorting and filtering options to find the specific drone program data you need – flights, people, hardware, and more – quickly and easily.

Map and Calendar Views

Clearly visualize what is happening within your drone program by using map and calendar views to understand when and where flights and other activities occur.

Granular Permissions Options

With Roles and Teams, program administrators can grant users access to exactly the information and tools they need, while ensuring that sensitive information is protected.

The DroneSense Platform

DroneSense provides public safety UAS administrators with everything they need to be successful, but program management is only one piece of the platform. Take a look at what DroneSense can do for the rest of your public safety drone program.
DroneSense for Drone Pilots
DroneSense for Operations