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Drone as First Responder (DFR) Programs

Many established public safety drone programs are now taking the use of their drones to the next level with DFR programs, revolutionizing modern policing and attracting the next generation of forward-thinking first responders.

In Drone as First Responder (DFR) scenarios, public safety drones are dispatched just like law enforcement officers or other first responders that are on patrol, often arriving on-scene within two minutes. Once a 9-1-1 call comes in, a remote operator can dispatch the drone autonomously from any location (typically a secured rooftop launch site) to the incident location through DroneSense Remote.
Upon arriving on scene, the remote operator can take full control of the aircraft and its camera/ sensors (using a keyboard and Playstation 5 controller), providing a live video feed and valuable situational awareness of the incident to the remote pilot and other stakeholders. When the appropriate response is implemented and the call is cleared, the remote operator simply clicks a button and the drone autonomously returns to the landing site, where the RPIC (remote pilot in command) can prepare it for the next call.
If your agency is looking to add DFR capabilities, Remote is your answer to deploying drones quickly and safely using our next-gen technology, while simultaneously managing all the other aspects of your drone program.

Improved incident response times

With the ability for the drone to take the most direct path to an incident, many agencies report average response times of around two minutes by using DFR. This gives first responders a significant advantage in quickly evaluating an incident to provide the optimal response.

Increased officer safety and safer outcomes

Drones deployed to an incident can give remote operators, patrol units, and stakeholders an “eye in the sky” to assess and quickly identify potentially dangerous situations for responding personnel. This vital information can help inform the most appropriate response, helping to affect positive outcomes for our officers and the communities they serve and protect.

Transparency through data

When it comes to improving community relations, automated record keeping of flight logs through our platform can easily be turned into reports or live dashboards that can be integrated into an agency’s website and accessible to the community. This level of transparency underscores the value of drone programs and helps mitigate any concerns from citizens about potential surveillance activities.

“DroneSense Remote is the platform that has enhanced our drone program. We now utilize drones to respond to calls for service much faster than we can with other assets.”

Sgt. Daniel Anders
San Antonio Police Department

How is DroneSense Remote different?

Fully customizable, unlimited site profiles

Create unique site profiles for different locations and scenarios and edit profiles easily as conditions change. Set battery threshold levels, adjust for elevated launch sites, and set default gimbal angles for use during autonomous flight.
  • Commence recording on takeoff
  • Notifications
  • Create geofencing on a map for restricted areas and safe RTH
  • Set min/max altitudes
  • Emergency landing sites

Video stream sharing

Seamlessly integrated within Operations Hub (OpsHub) and the entire DroneSense platform, we provide the capability to quickly and easily share ultra-low latency video streams with stakeholders, from command staff to officers on-scene.
  • Drone video feeds
  • Other video feeds (e.g. mobile devices)
  • Mission and video stream sharing
  • Magic Video Link
  • Automated email/text notifications with video link

Modern, drone-agnostic, and universal piloting applications

Our developers, inspired and highly influenced by their personal experience in manned aviation and piloting under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), designed the pilot applications to provide the most optimal environment to safely and more accurately control drones as well as gimbals, cameras, and other payloads.

Remote Pilot in Command (RPIC)

  • Android or iOS mobile apps
  • Supports standard flights, training flights, and DFR missions
  • Current support for DJI drones (list of supported and upcoming drones)

Remote Operator (RO)

  • Browser-based; PC or Mac
  • Address, coordinates (lat/long), or POI on map
  • Autonomous, semi-autonomous or manual flights
  • Keyboard plus PS5 Playstation 5 flight controller with touchpad gimbal control
  • Fully programmable controller configurations
  • Map view, instruments, and video streams
  • Estimated time on station and flight time to home indicators
  • Visual control indicator between RPIC & RO
  • Automatic 45° camera standoff on approach
  • Tactical mode (removes geofencing)
  • Declare emergency (autonomous flight to nearest emergency landing site and geofence removal)

Calls for Service

Drone as First Responder programs fully integrate drones into patrol operations. Our DroneSense software adds purpose-built Call for Service (CFS) functionality to seamlessly add drones to your workflows and documents their usage.
  • Log Calls for Service (CFS) while flying
  • Segment flights into multiple CFS (e.g. new CFS while still in flight)
  • Store data in flight logs

Drone program management

Our DroneSense software platform automatically records your missions and flight logs to help you manage your pilots, drones, and accessories. From internal dashboards and reports to fully customizable public facing data, transparency can help your agency build trust from the community in your drone operations.
  • Report on CFS data and statistics
  • DSR Dashboard; community facing flight portal option providing transparency of drone activities and open records compliance
  • Portal can be integrated and embedded into agencies website

“DroneSense Remote is giving our team the ability to respond to emergencies while giving our Real-time Operations Center the ability to control the aircraft and provide deputies and command with live situational awareness.”

Jim Baker
Collier County Sheriff’s Office

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