Coordinate Operations

Complete scene intelligence from anywhere

Get critical information about what’s happening on scene in the hands of key decision makers in real time. With DroneSense, operations command can securely access live video and telemetry data from pilots, enabling them to make better decisions about how to complete the mission.

Drone Operations Hub | Live Video Streaming
Mobile Streaming Website

Mobile Streaming and Tracking

Enable first responders with a mobile device or tablet to securely collaborate in missions as “boots on the ground” assets alongside drone pilots. All mobile and live drone video feeds are tracked on a map and appear in Operations Hub simultaneously.

Secure Live Video Streaming

On any connected desktop or mobile device, DroneSense users can access fully encrypted live video feeds with sub-second latency streaming from drones flying active missions.
Drone Operations - Secure Live Streaming
Map Feature Layers

Map Feature Layers

Create groups of custom map objects such as hazards, towers, takeoff/landing zones that are visible to pilots and command staff. Provide these feature layers to other organizations by placing them in a shared mission, or share the layer itself with other organizations using DroneSense – either as read-only map objects or open to edit for even deeper collaboration.

Complete Situational Awareness

View more than just a video feed. Additionally, visualize each drone’s flight path on a map, view basic telemetry data, and monitor battery health – all from one screen.
Drone Operations with Live Video Streaming - Situational Awareness
Drone Operations - Live Video Streaming with Collaborative Missions

Collaborative Missions

Using a simple six-digit code, invite other DroneSense users from outside your organization to participate in a mission without giving them access to your account.
Strafford County Sheriff's Office

“The ability to stream live video from multiple cameras and platforms simultaneously, while allowing incident command to communicate directly with the flight team from remote locations, has been game changing for our program.”

– Parks “Skip” Christenbury Chief Technology Officer and Chief UAS Pilot at Strafford County Sheriff’s Office

Drone Operations - Live Video Streaming with Base Layers and Overlays

Base Layers and Overlays

Access a wide range of overlays like weather radar, US wildfires, and USNG as well as any public Esri base layers that may be particularly relevant for your agency.

Robust Map Annotations

Create comprehensive feature layers with the complete iron sights and 936 symbology library and customizable lines and polygons that are visible to other DroneSense users in the operation.
Drone Operations with Live Streaming | Map Annotations
Drone Operations - Live Video Streaming with Map Measuring Tools

Map Measuring Tools

Use DroneSense’s built in map measuring tools to measure both distance and area with just a few clicks. Measure along a flight path to get instant access to information like the size of a wildfire or operating area.

The DroneSense Platform

DroneSense provides incident commanders and remote stakeholders with everything they need to be successful, but operations management is only one piece of the platform. Take a look at what DroneSense can do for the rest of your public safety drone program.
DroneSense for Drone Pilots
DroneSense for Program Admins