Revolutionize your Response

DroneSense Remote (DSR) seamlessly integrates with the entire platform allowing pilots the ability to operate drones with manual and fully-automated flights controlled from across the street, or anywhere in the world.

DroneSense Remote is giving our team the ability to respond to emergencies while giving our Real-time Operations Center the ability to control the aircraft and provide deputies, and command, with live situational awareness.

Jim Baker
Collier County Sheriff’s Office

First on Scene

Create an autonomous mission instantly with a click on the map. Request control from the Pilot in Command (PIC) and the drone sprints to an optimal distance offset with the camera trained on the target location.

Effortless Control

Manual flying is telepathic with the world’s most powerful gaming controller and near-zero latency. The flying experience is so precise that even indoor missions can be flown from locations thousands of miles away.

Operational Clarity

PIC and Remote Operators always know who’s operating the aircraft. The PIC can regain local control at any moment with a single button press.

Extreme Flexibility

Fly Drone as First Responder (DFR) missions under FAA waiver or stay Within Visual Line of Sight and use existing COA or Part 107 authorities. DroneSense Remote’s innovative site profiles allow you to create fully customizable flight restrictions for fixed and dynamic operations.

Unparalleled Safety

Built-in preflight checks, customizable geofences, continuous network integrity monitoring, and emergency landing sites create the industry’s safest approach for demanding environments. DroneSense Remote even accounts for elevated takeoff locations to ensure strict adherence to designated flight altitudes.

Public Safety’s Most Trusted Drone Platform

Founded in 2015, DroneSense supports dozens of drone models and hundreds of agencies across the U.S. These agencies conduct thousands of flights on the platform each week and DroneSense stands behind operators with best-in-class 24×7 phone and email support..

Hardware and Drone Support

DroneSense continually strives to support the most broad range of equipment used by our customer base.
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The following is supported by DroneSense Remote

-M300 and Mavic 2 Series Aircraft

Devices / Tablets
-iOS and Android flight control tablets

-Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge