Mike Mocerino

Director of Sales

Mike Mocerino Photo

Mike is responsible for the strategy, organization, and management of DroneSense’s revenue goals. Driven by 10+ years of public safety technology and UAS experience, Mike’s experience working with hundreds of public safety agencies around the globe brings industry expertise to the DroneSense team and customers they serve.

Prior to DroneSense, Mike worked for 11 years for W.S. Darley company where Mike was responsible for the development and growth of their robotics and innovation division. Mike’s drone journey began in 2010 when he began building a drone called the Darley Stinger, one of the first purpose-built drones for firefighting. Later in his professional career, Mike managed Darley’s strategic partnerships with many of the industry’s leading hardware companies. Mike served on NFPA 2400 and NFPA 950/951.

Mike has a passion for providing new technology for first responders. He currently serves on IAFC’s technology council and is involved in various technology areas within the fire industry. Mike is also the co-founder of smartfirefighting.com.

Mike lives outside of Chicago with his wife and son. In his free time, he likes to golf and smoke meat on his Weber Smokey Mountain while cheering for the Steelers and the White Sox.