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Teams, Roles, & Missions

In this feature webinar, we’ll walk you through how to better secure and manage your organization’s content using our Roles, Teams, and Missions features. We’ll cover how these each play a part in helping to secure your data and effectively compartmentalize information to ensure your members have access to the right information.

00:09 Introduction
00:39 Where Roles, Teams, and Missions fit in DroneSense
01:07 Protecting Your Information
04:59 Concept of ‘Least Privilege’
06:52 Roles Overview
11:42 Teams Overview
14:41 Missions Overview
19:20 DroneSense Support Site
20:07 Live Demo
32:45 Summary and Closeout

For further questions regarding roles, teams, and missions, please contact us directly at or visit us anytime at​.

Thanks for watching. Fly safe!