Flight Planning

DroneSense is proud to offer this introduction to the new automated flight planning features in our UAS management platform. In this webinar, we demonstrate how to set up and run a flight plan using waypoints, orbits, and 2D/3D surveys, and also discuss upcoming enhancements and when you will be able to use it on Android and iOS/iPadOS devices.

00:09 Introductions
04:26 Overview
06:00 Supported Aircraft and Tablets
07:22 Homepoints
08:06 Waypoints
11:54 Orbits
12:35 Surveys
14:44 Saving and Loading Flight Plans
15:35 Video Demo
26:45 Feature Availability
28:39 Endtag

For any customers having any further questions regarding flight planning, please contact us directly at help@dronesense.com or visit us anytime at https://support.dronesense.com.

Thanks for watching. Fly safe!